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David Jacobs

Good luck, my friend.


Very much looking forward to what you come up with next.


Zero doubt that you'll kick ass at it. Whatever it is.


Good luck, Mark. Keep us in the loop.


Mark, it's been my pleasure working with you. I wish we could have chatted with you more while I was in SF and I also wish I could have invited you to Tokyo office while I was with them.

Have nice holidays! I am sure you will start working on some great things again. Good luck!

Dave Aiello

You may not have realized it Mark, but I learned a lot from you. Thank you.


Enjoy your time off and good luck for your new projects

Byrne Reese

Good luck Mark. You rock. Seriously, seriously, rock. I can't wait to see what you work on next!

Xris Ernest Hall

Mark, I enjoyed my (almost) three years of working with you. You're on my short list of people I would hire if I was starting a new venture. Keep on rockin' in the free world!


Mark, we have been so lucky to have you at Six Apart. Thank you, best of luck, and build great things!

Matt Jacobs

Mark, it's sad to see you go and I wish we had worked together more while I was here. I'm looking forward to grabbing a [drink|ice cream|burrito] with you next time I'm in town.


You've always been inspiring. Having seen how you work on projects you love, the next beneficiary of your work is in for a real treat. Even if that's just you working for yourself for a time.

Bold move, and best to you!

Jun Kaneko

Thank you for all of your great work, and looking forward to see your next adventure !

Matt Jacobs

Er, I still am here (and not going anywhere!). I meant to say while we were here together. *Removes foot from mouth.* Anyway, I like you markpasc.

Leah Culver

Best of luck with your future projects! More crazy apps?


What the heck is the "Say Media Cocktail"? Excuse my ignorance, I am just a typepad blogger...but I was not aware of any changes taking place. Also thank you for your contribution!


6½ years ? Crap, you beat me for just a few months ;-P

Great San Mateo picture. I guess you were probably coding the DRP, and Ezra was the guy sitting in front of you. or not. :-)

It's been great working with you, even across the ocean. 2011 will rock (*) ;-)


(*) and roll.

Steve Calderon

I think pretty much everyone here can say that they learned a lot of stuff from you, Mark. I really do want to thank you for all the guidance you've so patiently given me. You are absolutely a significant part of my ability to be successful at my own job. I almost feel bad for the throngs of recruiters that are going to have to battle for your attention once you're on the market, and I'm stoked to see what you create in the future.


JY: I thought that might be a San Mateo picture. But that wouldn't be my desk on the near side, so perhaps it was after we'd grown into the other offices.

Y'all: Mark is one of the true originals at 6a, one of the guys who made the place what it is. DRP never die!@#

Nima Badiey

I loved working with you and Six Apart will certainly not be as great a place without you.

I will never forget how I used to stop by your desk, hover for a minute then pop a sideways question about adding what I thought would be a really cool feature only to have you look up at me with great annoyance that I was adding more stuff to the sprint after the fact, and respond in a firm, annoyed but loving tone "No".

You are an exceptional engineer and an absolute rock star in my book.



Thanks for all of your help and patience over the last year. You are an impressive programmer, and I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with next.

Evan E

Mark, it's really been a pleasure working with you. Your code is beautifully crafted, and I am a better programmer for having read it. Best of luck on the next gig, though I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding something awesome!


Mark, it's been a great pleasure working with you at 6A, and i really am excited to see what you'd come up with next. Keep in touch.

Anil Dash

One of the best things about being at Six Apart is it was a place where I got to work with a talent like you. Can't wait to see what's next.


You and I have indeed been around for so long! Good luck on your next adventure, and thanks for always helping me immediately with my quirky asks for help. : )

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