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Martin Atkins

The one universal benefit of a webapp still applies: settings and state are not confined to one device. I still want a "last read" marker to remind me what I've seen, but that wouldn't make sense without a central place to store it.

Also, "mobile" is not how you spell iphone. HTH.


True, you only get one narrow platform when you write an app. Someone else asked in regard to the blog posting idea why not make it an app, and I realized I didn't think about that here either.

You could just pull out last-read state and content transformation into a web service, but at that point why not just do it all as a web app with a machine-readable interface—as you know, since that's what you were planning to do for an Android Leapfrog app already.

Martin Atkins

I guess one more reason that applies specifically to leapfrog is that it would ideally be using push notifications rather than polling to get content, and in order to do that you need to have a real, persistent presence on the Internet.

Your post this morning got me thinking again about sending activities as machine-readable email attachments, since there's already infrastructure available from a variety of providers to offload your "inbox" to someone else but be able to sync the content down to your client when possible.

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